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Internships are valuable, even for short periods. Sometimes time or budget constraints require shorter trips but equally valuable experiences. We are ready to accommodate such trips for students wanting to do Tourism, Food & Beverage, Retail, IT's, Administration and many more...



Our host companies are waiting for international students of all levels. YIT’s network is vast, providing internships in many fields. Whether you are an Agent, School or University, finding a student their perfect internship comes with experience.


Airport transfers

We provide Transfers from and to any airport in Ireland. We can hire a coach or a mini bus depends from the size of the group.

Prices will be different for each airport because of the distance.


Host Family – Full Board
Host Family Full Board accommodation is generally in shared rooms and includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal 7 days a week. The Students will share a kitchen, bathroom and living room with the family and other students.  Please note that Host Families are in safe areas within easy travelling distance of the YIT office, town center and a public transport for easy access to work placements. We choose our Host Families with great care and we regularly inspect the standards and quality of their homes, ensuring that accommodation is comfortable, clean, save, and meet the students' needs. 



We provide preparatory Cultural classes for work placement. Classes concentrate on the speaking and listening skills which prepare candidates to work in a English language speaking environment.



Professional visits – we co-operate with teachers, trainers and professionals designing seminars workshops and training days in order to facilitate the objectives of your European mobility project.



At the heart of our mission is the EU objective of the Erasmus + program, the easy transfer of skills and the mobility of labour across the European union. With this end we plan prepare and disseminate projects that have real outcomes. many of our former trainees have acquired work in Ireland as a result of our placement, training and monitoring program, many more still in college have acquired summer work as a result of the value they have added to the companies in which they were placed. Our premium circle of host families work with us to integrate the trainee into the home environment where they are encourage to participate in the language and culture of the country where their skills are honed even further. This program creates lasting memories and showcases Ireland as a place to develop skills, talents and oneself. Welcome to a new adventure, a stepping stone that will become a milestone for those who embrace this experience with open hands.

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